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The Benjamin A. Quarles Summer Outreach

The Benjamin A. Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute will select eight underrepresented minority students from Baltimore City public high schools for a summer outreach experience.  The experience is designed to expose students to the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities at Morgan through a summer Institute that aims at promoting diversity in museums and other cultural institutions. This summer outreach will focus on art exposure and appreciation through art handling, applied design, spatial organization, database entry, research and description and analysis, and the students will become familiar with cataloging and registration methods, documentation, processing and discussing works of art.

The Benjamin A. Quarles Undergraduate Scholars Program

Each year, the Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute will select eight undergraduate seniors from disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences for its six-week residential summer Undergraduate Scholars Program in Interdisciplinary Perspective on the African-American Legacy. The Program will engage them in rigorous training in interdisciplinary research and the effective integration of primary historical source data into an understanding of two important African-American institutions—the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper and Morgan State University—and their parallel development over the years. Their research will focus on archives, manuscript collections and other primary source repositories. The Program will attempt to develop in students a passion for scholarship and research and prepare them to be the next generation of Ph.D. holders by assisting them with the graduate school application process.  

The Benjamin A. Quarles Graduate Fellowship

Each year, the Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute awards three one-year Fellowships to doctoral students to complete their dissertations. Quarles Graduate Fellowships are for one year (summer to spring), beginning August 1 and ending May 31, and they may range from $3,000 to $5,000. Quarles Fellowships may not be applied toward tuition and fees, and they may include stipends to devote summer time to research. Quarles Fellowships for the 2015-2016 academic year will begin on January 1, 2016.



The Benjamin A. Quarles Faculty Fellowship

Each year, the Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute awards seven Quarles Faculty Fellowships that can span the academic year, the summer, or the full year. Five of those Fellowships are awarded to increase scholarly productivity (publications, exhibitions, performances) in the humanities and the social sciences about African-American and African Diaspora cultures. The other two Faculty Fellowships are awarded for faculty development and professional enrichment in teaching about African-American and Diaspora cultures.



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