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Welcome Prospective Faculty Fellows,


Overview: Each year, the Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute will select faculty members who are committed to increasing scholarly productivity (publications, exhibitions, performances) in the humanities and the social sciences regarding African-American and African Diaspora life and culture.  Additionally, faculty will also be selected to engage in faculty development and professional enrichment in teaching about African-American and Diaspora life and culture.



  • Tenured or tenure-track faculty member employed by Morgan State University with demonstrated potential for research in the proposed area;

  • Faculty member whose research focuses on the interdisciplinary and integrated study of African-American and African Diaspora life and culture and will include a research and scholarship program for faculty in the humanities and related social sciences and for graduate students training for careers in academe;

  • Related disciplines included Art, English, History, Philosophy, Sociology/Anthropology, and humanities and theoretical approaches in other related social science.


Description of Areas of the Participation:


  • Publishing/Exhibitions/Performances: This category covers funding for research projects involving or leading to the publication of scholarly books and/or articles in professionally refereed journals, or the mounting of exhibits, productions, or performances. Examples of possible projects in this category would include funds for travel to research centers or libraries, funds for travel expenses to consult with other professionals concerning the project, or stipends to fund research time during the summer. Applicants are also encouraged to seek external funding.


Teaching/Faculty Development and Professional Enrichment:


  • This category covers projects directed to strengthening a faculty member's professional skills or teaching ability. It covers projects whose direct or immediate outcome is not publication, although it is assumed that funded projects might lead to eventual outcomes in either or both of these areas. Examples of funding possibilities under this category include the following: participation at conferences and workshops intended to improve teaching skills or enhance understanding of the faculty member's discipline; travel expenses for consultation and study with leaders of pedagogical and disciplinary trends, as well as research at institutions that function as the centers for such movements; development of expertise in disciplines necessary for a faculty member to work on interdisciplinary projects; development of a new course; support to develop foreign language skills or to improve such skills either through study of that language in its native country or attendance at special language workshops and institutes in this country.


The Selection Criteria are as Follows:  

  • The overall quality and scope of the proposed project;

  • The anticipated intellectual and professional impact of the proposed project;

  • The likelihood of the proposal’s achieving its stated aims;

  • Type of project;

    • Publishing/Exhibitions/Performances;

    • Teaching/Faculty Development and Professional Enrichment;

  • Length of the proposed project; and Justification of the proposed budget.


Length and Timing of the Proposed Project and Funding:

  • Summer Research (June 1, 2016 - August 31, 2016)

    • Maximum funding $3000    

  • Fall Semester (August 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016)

    • Maximum funding $3000

  • Full Year (June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2017)

    • Maximum funding $7,500​


Deadline: March 21, 2016


Notification: April 22,2016





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