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Welcome Scholars,

In collaboration with the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Curatorial Practice Graduate Program, Morgan’s Museum Studies Program and Morgan’s James E. Lewis Museum of Art, the Benjamin A. Quarles Institute selects eight underrepresented minority students from two Baltimore City public high school to expose them to the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities at Morgan through a summer Institute that aims at promoting diversity in museums and other cultural institutions. The Institute focuses on art exposure and appreciation through art handling, applied design, spatial organization, database entry, research and description and analysis, and the students will become familiar with cataloging and registration methods, documentation, processing and discussing works of art.



Eligibility: Four students for the Program (two from each) will be recruited from two Baltimore City public high schools—Baltimore City College and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. The students will be juniors or seniors with high academic achievement.

Selection Criteria: Though detailed selection criteria will be determined in collaboration with the high schools, the Program will require that the students have:

  • above-average academic averages;

  • some familiarity or experience with art, aesthetics, or history;

  • above-average writing and communication skills;

  • good critical thinking skills;

  • some familiarity with computer technology and the potential to become proficient with Past Perfect Museum Software;


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